Connect your organization's data sources with custom reporting and workflows so that you can see the bigger picture.


Connect the dots. Connect the data.
Connect to the results.

Do you spend hours every month collecting data from different systems and spreadsheets to figure out what's going on? It's easy to miss the big picture if you're too close to the canvas. Your organization produces a massive amount of data. Are you able to quickly read it to make informed decisions?

Constellation connects you and your citizens to your data — to help you make smarter and more informed decisions.

Focused reports, deep diving dashboards, & automated workflows.

Get the information you need to save you money and get citizens engaged

Here's a glimpse of what Constellation can provide:

  • Project Tracker
  • Inventory Management
  • Consolidated Financial Report
  • Safety and Security Dashboards
  • Health Inspection Updates
  • Code Enforcement Activity
  • Rolling 12 Report
  • Statement of Cash Flow Tracking Report
  • Infrastructure Repairs
  • Departmental Metrics
  • Resident Satisfaction
  • And many more

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