Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite

Identity, mobile management and information protection for a better business.


Keep your employees productive—and your company data protected.

Extend your identity, device management (including BYOD), application access and data access to the cloud with Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite. Face it—your employees are going to bring their mobile devices to work. But that doesn’t have to mean you give up control.

With Microsoft EMS, you can manage the following key areas:

Identity & Data

Azure Active Directory Premium

Helps protect and control access to the corporate datacenter and into the cloud. With a single sign-on and consistent device experience, employees are more productive and helpdesk costs and challenges are reduced.

Centrally Manage

  • Centrally manage identities across your datacenter and the cloud
  • Including access to third party cloud services and apps including Twitter, Salesforce, Box, Concur and many others

Empower Employees

  • Deploy single sign-on to corporate resources as well as popular SaaS Applications
  • Offer employees self-service tools that save money and reduce IT headaches
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Microsoft Intune

Easily manage corporate apps and data on almost any device with Microsoft's mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM). It reduces IT complexity and enhances your employee’s access, while keeping corporate information secure.

Consolidate Device

  • Stay prepared to respond when employees bring devices to work
  • Manage iOS, Android and Windows devices from a central location

Keep Work and Personal
Data Separate

  • Minimize the complexity of employee-owned devices
  • Deploy mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) from a single console

Protect Corporate
and Personal Data

  • Remotely protect and manage devices over a Wide Area Network (remote wipe and password changes to Windows and iOS devices)
  • Manage access and availability of corporate data on personal devices without affecting the user’s personal data
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Azure Rights Management

Protects corporate data and enables more secure collaboration so employees can safely share corporate data inside and outside of your organization while you remain in control of the data.

Protect Sensitive Files

  • Protect information at its most critical location—the source
  • Control access by encrypting important files
  • All from the cloud

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