Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is an access security product used to verify a user's identity at login. It adds two or more identity-checking steps to user logins by use of secure authentication tools. Adding MFA keeps your data secure and stops 99.9% of compromising attacks.

  • Verify identity in seconds
  • Protect any application on any device
  • Easily deployable in any environment

Modern MFA Cybersecurity

Our robust MFA product is flexible for users but rigid against threats. The interface provides a fast, non-disruptive and simple authentication experience, helping users focus their time on what matters most.

MFA that works everywhere: Duo deploys in most major apps out-of-the box and integrates with custom applications with minimal IT involvement, making it a scalable secure access solution.

A multi-factor product that can verify in multiple ways: Duo MFA provides you with the ability to choose which method or methods of authentication that you’d like to use.

MFA in a simple app: Our MFA app reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) by providing users with an easy verification process on their mobile device.


Remarkably Scalable MFA Technology

Because Duo functions like a gateway for your existing and future IT infrastructure, it’s the perfect solution for growing businesses of any size. Set up new users and support new devices at any time, and protect new applications almost instantly — without impacting legacy technology.

Lightning-Fast MFA Deployment

Finally — a multi-factor authentication solution that isn’t a pain in the neck to roll out. Duo can be added to any existing environment or platform, and its self-enrollment feature makes it easy for users to get set up.

MFA Options

Frictionless Authentication Management

With an intuitive administrative dashboard, detailed reporting, and an always-up-to-date cloud-based model, multi-factor authentication couldn't be easier to manage.

MFA Dashboard

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