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Secure Your Future with Isogent's Advanced Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

In the face of increasing cybersecurity threats, protecting your business' critical data is more essential than ever. As a business owner, the frightening rise of cyber attacks, ransomware and other security threats cannot be ignored. Isogent, a leader in data backup and disaster recovery solutions, offers an unmatched line of defense to secure your business continuity and growth.

Harness the Power of ISOBOX

Our flagship solution, ISOBOX, combines onsite and offsite backup and disaster recovery capabilities, providing redundancy and fortified protection against potential data breaches. Featuring hybrid technology, ISOBOX effectively mitigates the risk of data loss, ensuring your business is always up and running, no matter what.

Additional Protection with Air Gap and Endpoint Backup

We take your data security to the next level with Air Gap Backup— an offline backup method that acts as your last line of defense against cyber attacks. It disconnects your data from your network, making it virtually invincible to online threats.

To further secure your workstations, our Workstation Endpoint Backup offers a safeguard against potential hardware failures and cyber threats. This ensures your work products and stations are always protected and recoverable.

The Assurance of Total Microsoft 365 Tenant Backup

We understand that many businesses operate on Microsoft 365 platforms. Hence, our protection extends to your entire Microsoft 365 Tenant (including SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, Outlook, and more) to offer comprehensive coverage.

The Shocking State of Data Loss

  • Just 45% of businesses believe they have an adequate security budget (Ponemon Institute)
  • Two out of three midsize businesses suffered a ransomware attack in the last 18 months (ConnectWise)
  • A staggering 33% of folders used by a company are open to everyone, making them an easy target (Varonis)
  • Human error factors into 82% of breaches (Verizon)
  • Businesses saw an 85% rise in incidents of employee personal data dumped on the dark web (Palo Alto)

These alarming statistics serve as a reminder of the significant risks and the critical importance of robust cybersecurity and data recovery systems.

Prepare Your Business for the Future

With Isogent, prepare for a safer, more secure future. Our backup and disaster recovery solutions are designed to offer robust protection against the rising tide of cybersecurity threats.

From the state-of-the-art ISOBOX to offline protection with Air Gap Backup, Endpoint Backup, and comprehensive Microsoft 365 Tenant Backup, we offer a layered defense that keeps your data secure, and your business running seamlessly.

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